Where and what we do

Our company  – with more than 65years of activity, 22 of which in the small town of Cusago, in the south-ouest area of Milan – produces since 1951 electrical components, terminal blocks and connectors for low voltage applications, with screw-screw connections, screw-tab & tab-tab, for the markets of lighting, home appliances, ventilation, conditioning & HVAC.


Among our customers we can name DISANO Group, ARTEMIDE, IGUZZINI and TARGETTI for the lighting market, ELICA and FABER for extractor hoods, ELECTROLUX and EPTA GROUP for professional homeappliances, VORTICE for ventilation, SABIANA, AERMEC, CARRIER, DAIKIN, AGROUP and ARISTON THERMO for l’HVAC, WURTH, DKC and DABLEROM for distribution, REALCABLE, BINETTI, E.C.I., JGV and PATELEC for cabling, GEWISS for building. We address our activity to the foreign market as well (both CEE and extra-CEE) where we make more than the  30% of our turnover.

Our history

The company was established by an italian guy with german origins but since 1988 Korner is owned by the family Pagini.
Korner instroduced many years ago the trademark Mamut that became a worldwide definition for terminal blocks. During years the company has devoted important economic resources to the automation of its  production processes, making computerised authomatic machines  with numerical control that can assure constant quality complying to the most important international directives & normatives. All products have cURus, VDE, IMQ & EAC certifications.
Reliability and accurate customer service are some of Korner’s means that allowed a constant growth even in difficult years. Dynamicity, disposability and flexibility are typical of companies that still produce in Italy without any relocation abroad in order to anser quickly to customer needs.


Thanks to our know-how, we can propose ourselves as a good partner for the development of new products as we are able to study, together with the customer, the best choice of plastic materials and metallic components for normatives requirements, to design moulds and tools and to supply the finished electrical components already certified.

In a period when the main european competitors close their product lines and suffer for the general crisis, we are instead growing a lot and we foresee an increase of 8% of our turnover this year, together with investments for new moulds, new projects and new workmen.


Our online complete range of product is made in two languages and it’s always updated with news, correct data & ratings, images, drawings, certifications and all documents downloadable.


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